To reduce divorce rate, allow women have side corks .

The rate at which people divorce these days is becoming very alarming.

What happens to the Vows you guys made in the presence of God , Families, Friends and foes alike??…what happens to ” till death do us apart”? Don’t tell me you just said those words to ” fulfill all righteousness “?

In as much as I believe Marriage is a sacred entity, I also believe in it being TRUE in all sense of the word. What happens to what you once felt for your partner? Was it that it was just a CRUSH but you were too in a haste to get married only to realized it was just a ” chrush”? Or was it that you were truly in LOVE, but your love was just as deep as the icing on a cake. ..? You know,.. The love wasn’t just deep rooted enough to withhold any shortcoming from your partner?

While some lack the the courage to opt out of their marriages when it becomes unbearable, others who don’t believe in suffering and smiling won’t hesitate to throw in the towel .

Who and what could be blame for this raise in divorce rate? Is it that the ladies are so quick to get married without taking out time to check who their so-called knight in shinning armor is? As a whole lot of people(especially men) believe women rather go for the ” Bad guys” with swag, than settle for the “good guys “( who in most cases, are broke ) willing to love and treat them right. How true is this claim, is what I honestly would want to know.

Some group of people are also of the opinion that the present economic situation in the country plays a big role in the high rate of divorce. According to them , when a man is not meeting up to his responsibility in the home as a Breadwinner, this tends to irate most women who react by nagging their husbands, who most times react by beating their wives; who in most cases, claim to be victims of Domestic Violence just to have excuses to leave for a greener lawn . you see, its a chain reaction !

If I may ask, why is it MOSTLY Women who seek for Divorce? Is it because the African setting is rigid to the Female gender ? know, like in most African clime, men are allowed to marry as many wives as their third legs can service; but the Women are not given such luxury. Do you think it will help if Women are given such freedom as men to have more than one husbands or even have side corks, like some men do?.. After all, what is sauce to the goose, is sauce to the gander .

Let me hear your take on this strong matter!

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