A segment where relationship issues are put to the table and answers are given and fans can also drop there heart troubling issues and also get the desired answers needed.

Q. please help me .i have a guy whom am friends with but the problem is that I actually love him and I know he feels the same way too. But the problem is he hasn’t asked me out yet and I really can’t wait any longer for fear of loosing him to another lady.
Please should I make the first move and wouldn’t he see me as cheap?please can you show me how I can go about getting him to love and make me his woman?
Dear anonymous sister,making the first move isn’t the problem but how you go about it and the person in particular and how he would react
Remember this is Africa not Europe and our way of life is not the same with the way it happens over there but not with standing ,I would advice you find out if he is actually the shy type who is nervous about the opposite sex and doesn’t know how to approach them or if he is even in a relationship
If you are sure he actually has feelings for you but too scared to make the moves then it would be cool to help him out after all ladies are helpers to there men.But you shouldn’t help him by wooing him the way the men do but you can device a different ways to get him to feel cool having you as his.
But if he isn’t nervous and is actually dating someone,then don’t make the move or you will only end up regretting .your findings will help and lead you to the next episodes and remember that if it is meant to be,some how,someday and some will find it way into your heart

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