Codeine is a narcotic pain reliever and cough suppressant used in the treatment of cough both in kids and adult.
The prescribed dosage for codeine for pain is 15-60mg every four to six hours daily and for cough the recommended dosage is 10-20mg every 4-6 hours needed.But it maximum dose for cough treatment is 120mg every 24 hours
The drug also comes with a few common and slight effect which are
.Stomach pain.

Over time,the drug grew from being a cough and pain reliever to an improvised solution for hard drugs .it is now believed that many youths are becoming addicted to the syrup and taking them in high quantities which then leads to so many health and aggressive behaviors and even death
The drug abuse is already creating a generation of addicted youths and it is more predominant in the northern part of Nigeria .but not to say that many other African countries are facing this huge menace and even in India as well.
.in 2016, the Indian government banned multiple brands of the products due to it strong addiction and effect
.the Nigeria’s drug law enforcement agency is also fighting hard against it sales and spread and in one of it raid,it seized about 24,000 bottles from a single lorry alone in Kastina

The drug when abused ,could lead to schizophrenia and organ failure and it also motivates youth into violence and dangerous acts if not curtailed

The Nigerian government has taken up the challenge and have placed a ban on the sales of the substance and making arrest of anyone found wanting.this I believe will go a long way in saving our future leaders and cutting them short from becoming great representatives of NIGERIA. GOD bless Nigeria.

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