REVEALED: FG agency spent N5.7bn on DSTV subscription, fuel allowance

A report by the administrative panel of enquiry set up by the minister of labour and employment has shown that staff of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) spent N5.7 billion on pay TV subscription and fuel allowance.

NAN reports that Chris Ngige (pictured), minister of labour and employment, received the report on Wednesday.

Ishaya Awotu, the chairman of the panel, said that there were irregular allowances totalling N5.7 billion paid to staff and management.

“These allowances were paid without the approval of the National Salary, Incomes and Wages Commission,” he said.

“Some of the allowances were management staff allowance, staff education allowance, DSTV subscription allowance, and dressing allowance.”

The others were generator and motor vehicle fuelling allowance which were not provided for in the Condition of Service of the fund.

Awotu said the internal audit department of the fund did not audit the accounts between 2013 and 2017, which violates section 1701 of the financial regulations.

“There were several transfers of funds in bank accounts without authorisation and approvals. The sum of N15, 737,757,697.91. was transferred from one account to another.

“Evidence to show the approvals and payment vouchers authorising the transfers were not presented to the panel.

“The panel observed that N2.9 billion was expended on computerisation and other related lCT equipment.

“Despite this expenditure, not much was achieved on computerisation of the Fund”

According to the chairman, various taxes worth N2, 650,731,225. 93 were deducted without remitting to the appropriate authorities.

Ngige said another committee would be set up to implement the recommendations of the committee.

“This is not my report, but a report of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Those findings, especially about overseas trips which were unauthorised will be dealt with.

“This report will be fully implemented and areas of lapses corrected. Many government organisations have gone under because of situations like this.”

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