Political Drama! Ekiti State Governor was teargassed During the Rally


News making the round in Ekiti state has it that the sitting governor was tear gassed by the corps during the party’s rally and he even collapsed .Several other pictures are showing him in a neck bandage which indicates injury to the neck maybe as a result of the tear gas attack. Heavy shooting where also said to be heard at the government house for reasons we really don’t know.

No one really knows if it was a deliberate attack or used by the police to control the crowd nor does anyone know the reasons behind the shootings and if there was any record of casualties as many are already trading blames and pointing fingers around .

Some say it’s an excuse to go abroad for treatment and escape justice since he would be losing his immunity anytime soon and some call it a staged drama to attract sympathy from the people .well anyway, let just be calm and keep our fingers crossed and allow the police do their investigation and come up with a concrete report as to what went down rather than throwing blames and causing a stir . GOD Bless Nigeria

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