Weeks back, a video of a popular Pastor asking her congregation to sow a seed of $1000 dollar(almost #365,000) to tap into the anointing of getting married as a virgin, went viral on the internet.
Hmmnn ..people didn’t take it likely o! As different comments coming from all corners of Social Media condemning her for making such pronouncement. I am still trying to understand why these people will not mind their business biko! …if only they knew how this could be a welcome development to some of us.

Anyway, I decided to ask a friend of Mine, Daniel what his take on the issue was , as I wouldnt mind sowing such an amount to get back my HYMEN which I lost a very very long time ago.( Don’t ask me when biko; that’s a gist for another day).

My friend Daniel advised I use Alum instead. Chai! ..that guy is a yeye somebody !…Still wondering how I became friends with such a character . Anyway, according to him, Alum can still get me same effect for just a little less than a hundred naira.

After many days of pondering on Daniel’s suggestion, I realize that wouldn’t give me a total resurrection of My lost Hymen ; and also considering the health implications, I don’t think i would want to risk tampering with such sensitive and treasured part as my “down below”. So in other to avoid stories that touch, Daniel’s idea is a no go area.

So now, I have decided to Opt for the Pastor’s seed sowing to get my Hymen resurrected. Yes!…I think I can make hundred times that amount back. Ask me how?…hmmnnn…I heard people now auction their virginity for Millions of dollars! …just imagine! At least this is an opportunity for those of us who offered our virginity as burnt offerings to some idiots wrapped in a thin foil claiming to be our knight in shinning armor, to right our wrong.

This could also be a big opportunity for those babes who lost theirs for just BlackBerry curve 1 to get it back …

..But biko, we are talking about ” Miracles” and not MAGIC!..so those of you who started right before they were even conceived by the mothers should just forget sowing because their cases have no remedy in this lifetime. With such “downbelows ” as wide as the Pacific ocean, not even the whole money in this world as seed sowing can move such mountain.

Anyway, Whoever has this Pastor’s contact should please forward it to me. I am ready to tap into this Virginity anointing as long as my Hymen will be resurrected.. Mbok! I am GAMED!

…What do you guys think? Would you pay such an amount to get your Virginity back? Biko let me hear your views before I take any action.

With loads of love from
The Prodigal Daughter.

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