How To Know Your Skin Type .

Getting to know your skin type is the beginning of achieving a flawless skin. African Women have different skin types. Each of these types needs to be cared for in ways suitable for it. Reason some beauty regime which may work for you, May also cause irritations to others.

Below are list of the different Skin types and ways they can be cared for.

1* Oily Skin: this skin type appears oily; like you applied oil on your skin. It’s usually shinny. This Skin type is prone to blemish and acne. The excess oil clogs the pores of the skin causing breakouts. It’s advisable you wash several times a day to remove excess oil from your skin. When making choices on beauty products to buy, ensure you settle for oil-free Products.

2* Dry Skin: This skin type tends to look very dull and flaky especially after washing. It’s usually worse during harmattan season. If you are of this skin Type, ensure you avoid washing frequently. Always keep your skin moisturized with a good creamy moisturizer.

3* Normal Skin: like the name implies, this Skin type is neither oily nor dry. It’s just normal. It’s the balance between the oily skin and the dry skin. If you are of this skin type, you don’t have to worry too much about breakouts. No need washing or moisturizing frequently. Just a mild cleanser and moisturizer will do the magic on your skin.

4* Combination Skin: This skin type usually has a combination of more than one skin type. In this case, the T-zones (Nose, forehead and chin) are usually oily; while the rest part of the face could either be dry on normal. When getting your skincare products, ensure you put into consideration the skin type features you mostly possess. For instance, if most part of your skin is of the Dry skin type, ensure whatever skincare products you buy is for Dry skin; and verse versa.

5* Sensitive Skin: This skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation, redness, and can feel very itchy. If you have such kind of Skin, ensure you avoid skincare products that are heavily scented. Also products that have propylene glycol, alcohol, lanolin, and sulphates can cause your skin irritations. That into cognizance every ingredient in the products you use in other to discover the ones that your skin reacts to.

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