Five Things a Black man Wants To Hear From His Woman.

Gone are the days when the cliché ‘’the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ holds water. These days’ men have so many challenges and food is one of the least of them; with mama PUT and different sensational Eateries springing up every day on every corner, his stomach sure would be taken care of somehow.
The average 21th century man is face with thousands and one challenges .He needs all the motivations he could to face them; and having his woman be his source of Motivation, helps boost his confidence and of course, make him want to always be by her side.
1. COMPLIMENTS: Most men pretend to be strong and confidence outwardly. But within, he doubts himself. Having his woman compliments him, help boost his self-esteem. Tell him how good he looks; how good he is at something he does; in fact anything about him that you notice makes him unique. Ensure you are genuine with your compliments.
2. APPRECIATION: Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they are good at. If they make an effect to make you happy, be generous enough to reciprocate by letting them know you appreciate their effort. Let them hear those magical words ‘’Thank you “. It makes them happy and wants to do more.
3. HONESTY: being honest makes him feel safe. When you are honest, your man finds it easy to trust and confide in you. Be truthful with your words.
4. RESPECT: Let your man feel respected especially by the way you speak to him. When talking, ensure you don’t yell at him. Learn to show him respect not just in your words but also in your actions; speak to him like he truly matters and watch him give you the keys to his heart forever.
5. BE PROUD OF HIM: Telling your man you’re proud of him makes him confident and happy. Knowing you are his fan gives him the courage to be the best version of himself just to make you happy. Be his cheerleader;… always tell him you believe in him especially when he accomplished something that might not be equivalent to winning a gold medal, but it’s something you know is important to him. Cheer him for his efforts made in making such achievement. And watch him love you for being his peace.

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