Culture /Tradition can be said to be the totality of thought and practice by which a people creates, celebrates, sustains and develops itself. It is the way a People introduces itself to history and humanity.

It is a common notion that once one is born and raised outside one’s ancestral land, one tends to not only forget his or her root but also adopts the way of life of the place he or she is birthed.

Recently, according to statistics, it’s been reported that the number of Africans migrating to the Western world is becoming quiet alarming. This tends to have a ripple effect / chain reaction on the preservation as well as the sustaining of the African Culture and Tradition.

But with the trending fashion, one need not fear as Ankara, which is a peculiar African print, has come to stay and as thus, making Fashion a potent tool to sustaining the African Heritage.

Fashion as a Tool to promoting the African heritage can never be over emphasizes. Keeping up with trends without losing the core of our heritage, African designers/ Fashionistas and their counterparts  have taken fashion to another level – blending the western  fashion styles with  African fabrics to create a Wow fashion statements.

Most international designers have embrace this trend by incorporating Ankara into their designs ranging from clothing like the stylish Ankara Jumper jackets, Ankara suits, Ankara dresses

…Accessories are not left out as well! Fashion pieces like Ankara sneakers, hand bags, ear rings, bangles,face caps,belts e.t.c are also taking center stage.

With Ankara, there’s no limiting to expressing yourself fashion wise albeit promoting and celebrating the rich African heritage/ Culture.

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