Are You a Fashionista?…or just a fashion Victim.

The line between a fashionista and a fashion victim is one most people find hard to recognize . while a Fashionista can be described as one who has over time mastered how to assemble her trendy fashion pieces to create a synergy of an outstanding style . she can also be said to have matured sense of style. Fashionista is most times considered trendsetter.
So here are tips on how to refine your style and become that FASHIONISTA you’ve always desired to be.

1. Get a Fashion Role Model: Get someone , maybe a celebrity (or celebrities) whose Fashion sense is commendable as your Fashion Role Model; observe how he/ she dresses and learn . Also watch fashion shows and read books on style and get clues from there.

2. Shop for the right clothes: By those I mean you should go for clothes that accentuate your best features. They must not be trendy ; but ensure they are timeless , classy, simple and stylish pieces.

3.Get Creative : Creativity is one of the key tips on becoming a Fashionista. You have to get creative with your clothing. Keep trying something new all the time and see how good they look on you. This will help you establish style(s) that works for you.

4. The Right Colour combo: When making your fashion choices regarding colours of Fashion pieces , ensure you put your complexion into consideration. Match colors that compliments each others ; and also ensure you don’t have more than four colours on so you don’t go looking like a parrot or like helpless Joseph in his coat of many colours.

5. Be Confident: Confidence is one of the key signatures of a Fashionista. Your carriage is as important as important as how you look. Walk tall, stand proud, … See every sidewalk as a Runway. Let the World know you’re FABULOUS!
6. The Right Hair-do:
Always ensure you compliment your outfits with the right Hair-do. And biko , if you’re opting for Hair extensions, ensure you keep it simple and classy.

7. Accessorize rightly : Ensure you wear the right accessories for the right outfits. They have a way of adding that touch of style to your appearance. Please, please and please…Remember not to overload .

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